Radio Reunion 2024

The 2024 New Orleans Radio & TV Broadcasters' Reunion was held on June 1 at Coscino's Italian Grill in Mandeville, LA for a change. Bonnie Poirer put it together and herded the radio and TV cats on behalf of New Orleans radio legend Bob Walker. Check out JD's photos below.

Scotty Mac and his wife Melanie

Mrs. JD with Pat Matthews and Scotty Mac

Media historian Matthew Dillon

TV historian Aaron Handy III

TV Producer, director, and videographer Jim Pratt

Gary Poirer on the right

Cary Westbrook on the right

Jamie DeJean

Jackie Boggs

Traffic Reporters Lisa Bacques and Allen Beebe

T. Rae Miller and Jason Olivier

Johnny Tyler between Lisa Bacques and John Titsworth

Don Banks

Half the Krewe

The other half of the Krewe

TV's Norman Robinson at center, with Cindy Pollet, Hosie Pollet, and Jim Pratt at right.

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