Rock 'n' Roll Almanac for Monday, May 16, 2022

64 years ago (1958)One week after resigning from WINS, Alan Freed signs with WABC, New York, where he'll work in both radio and television. Earlier today, Freed was arraigned on charges of inciting the May 3 attack on a policeman.
62 years ago (1960)Billboard reports Berry Gordy, Jr., a songwriter and publisher in Detroit, is working on his own record label after successfully producing a bunch of hit records.
57 years ago (1965)The Rolling Stones appear with Chuck Berry on the television show Hollywood A-GO-GO. The Stones, trying to drive off in a Limo after the show, are attacked by a mob of fans.
57 years ago (1965)The Beach Boys appear on the The Ed Sullivan Show performing their latest hit, Help Me Rhonda.
56 years ago (1966)The Beach Boys masterpiece album Pet Sounds is released.
53 years ago (1969)John Lennon, declared “an inadmissible immigrant to the U.S.,” seeks a visa to visit America. Ten days before, Lennon's “standing visa” was revoked by the U.S. Embassy in London because of his drug conviction last November.
53 years ago (1969)Jefferson Airplane bass player Jack Cassady is arrested for possession of marijuana at the Royal Orleans Hotel in New Orleans and gets a 2-1/2 year suspended sentence.
53 years ago (1969)The Who's Pete Townshend spends an evening in a New York City jail after being charged with assault. Plainclothes policeman Daniel Mulhearn ran onstage at the Fillmore East to grab the microphone and alert the crowd that a grocery store next to the theater was on fire. Townshend thought the officer was a member of the audience and kicked Mulhearn off the stage. The audience didn't believe the story and doesn't leave the Fillmore until Townshend is finally dragged off the stage.
52 years ago (1970)Jefferson Airplane singer Marty Balin is busted for marijuana possession and for contributing to the delinquency of minors in Bloomington, Minnesota. Balin is surprised in his hotel room by police at 5:30am. Authorities were tipped by neighbors who complained about party noise at the hotel. They found Balin and friends with several girls from 12-to-17 years old. He is sentenced to one year's hard labor and a $100 fine. He appeals and ends up paying only the fine.
46 years ago (1976)A New York Company known as AB&D Productions takes out an ad in the New York Times to announce a four-day Bicentennial event at Philadelphia's JFK stadium. Scheduled to play are Chicago, Ike and Tina Turner, Rufus, Elvin Bishop, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Maxine Nightingale, the Band, and the Beach Boys. The planned gala never takes place, as within two weeks all acts cancel or say no contracts had ever been signed.
45 years ago (1977)No one paid much notice when ex-Spooky Tooth veteran Mick Jones and ex-King Crimson Ian McDonald joined together to form a group last year. Foreigner released a debut LP early this year and watched it climb to #4. On this date, it goes gold.
42 years ago (1980)Dr. George C. Nichopoulous is indicted in Memphis on 14 counts of over-prescribing drugs to Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, and nine other patients.
41 years ago (1981)Pretenders drummer Martin Chambers marries Tracy Atkinson in a London ceremony.
35 years ago (1987)David Crosby marries long-time girlfriend, Jan Dance, in Los Angeles. Graham Nash and his wife, Susan, renew their vows at the ceremony.
32 years ago (1990)Sammy Davis Jr. dies of throat cancer. The Candy Man, or Mr. Bojangles, as he was often called, was 64 years old.
24 years ago (1998)Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards falls while reaching for a book of nude art in his Connecticut home. He was going to use the book as inspiration to create a celebrity art piece. The fall breaks his ribs causing the Rolling Stones to postpones many dates on their Bridges To Babylon tour.
22 years ago (2000)The Artist Formerly Known As Prince reverts back to Prince. Because his publishing contract expired December 31, 1999, Prince says his birth name was emancipated from “long-term restrictive documents,” and he could stop using the symbol he used to identify himself when he was committed to “undesirable relationships.”
16 years ago (2006)U2’s Bono is guest editor of The Independent newspaper in London, filling its pages with stories on HIV/AIDS in Africa, poverty, and global warming. Today’s headline says, “No News Today.” But a foot note says, “Just 6,500 Africans died today as a result of a preventable, treatable disease (HIV/AIDS).” Images symbolizing life and death by artist Damien Hirst illustrate the article. Half the proceeds from today’s edition go to aid groups in Africa.
16 years ago (2006)62-year-old Mary Wilson of the Supremes is rushed to a hospital by a family member after she complains of chest pains. She has heart bypass surgery less than a week later.
12 years ago (2010)Heavy metal legend Ronnie James Dio dies of stomach cancer at age 67. Dio rose to fame in 1975 as the first lead singer of Rainbow, the heavy metal band put together by guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, who had just quit Deep Purple. Dio then replaced legendary vocalist Ozzy Osbourne in Black Sabbath in 1980 with the critically acclaimed album Heaven And Hell, considered by many critics to be one of the finest heavy metal albums of all time.
7 years ago (2015)Bette Midler brings her Divine Intervention tour to the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans. She hadn't performed in New Orleans, or embarked on a full-fledged tour, in a decade.

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