Jazz Fest 2015

Fairgrounds Grandstand

Saturday, May 2nd was JD's day at the 2015 Jazz Fest. The weather was a carbon copy of last year: perfect! Even the Grandstand looked the same as last year. Given that the crowd expected for Elton John as the closing act on the Acura Stage would be huge, JD plopped his chair in a scarce (already at 11 AM) open spot more or less behind the sound tent. Picture-taking from there would be pointless. Seeing actual open standing room at the front barricade behind the $1,200 ticket area, JD bid is chair adieu for the day and grabbed a standing spot in the second row behind the barricade. It looked like the VIP area was smaller than last year. If so, that's a good thing, Festival organizers! The blimp was different this year. It was DirectTV's. And there was a skywriter who seemed to be saying, "I [Heart] Jazz Fest!"

DirectTV blimp


DirectTV blimp

The Festival boss, Quint Davis, dubbed the Acura Stage "Piano Heaven" for the day. All five acts featured piano-playing vocalists. And here they are:

Davell Crawford Elton John Jerry Lee Lewis Marcia Ball Mississippi Rail Co.

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