WIXO occupied the 98.5 FM frequency in New Orleans from April 1, 1972 through September 24, 1974. Tony Delaney was its first Program Director, but he was replaced by WTIX's Michael Green in early 1973. Original jocks included Delaney, Terry O'Toole, Bill Williams, Tom Owens, and Jeff Bennett. JD came along in December, 1972. Other WIXO jocks included Pat Matthews, Mike Hadley, Jim White, Nick "The Big" Bazoo, Paul Nesbit, Bobby B., Mike Reinhardt, and a few others. Here's a WIXO Music Survey from October, 1972 featuring "The Men of WIXO" (women need not apply)

WIXO Survey Front October 27, 1972 WIXO Survey Back October 27, 1972

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