WTIX-FM 2018 Christmas Party

WTIX-FM Christmas Party on December 21, 2018

This one was held at The Happy Italian Pizzeria in Harahan, Louisiana. In the 4K video below, station owner and morning man Michael in the Morning distributes gifts to the Krewe of 'TIX as JD looks on with his 4K video camera.

Christmas 2018 Krewe of 'TIX

The Christmas 2018 Krewe of 'TIX. (l-r) Jay Douglas, Hot Rod Glenn, Nicholas Costello, Johnny Tyler, Michael in the Morning, Pal Al , Paula Costello, Sgt. T-Ben, with Katie Costello in front. [Photo by Quinn Ford]

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Christmas 2018 Krewe of 'TIX

Hot Rod Glenn

Ya Pal Al

Jimmy from “Lost in the 60's”

Mr. and Mrs. Michael in the Morning

Michael and Family

Michael and Family

Johnny Tyler

Engineer Tom Courtenay

Bruce Spizer

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